A middle-income country with progressive social policies, Cuba is updating its economic model. Contraceptive prevalence is high, and sexuality education has expanded. But unwanted pregnancies and high abortion rates indicate gaps, particularly among young people. UNFPA cooperation began in 1971. Today it helps incorporate population dynamics in development programmes. It assists in extending reproductive and health care services to adolescents and young adults, while strengthening related national education initiatives. Partnerships with the Government and civil society aim to prevent and address gender-based violence.

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  • Population aged 0-14

  • Population aged 15-64

  • Population aged 65+

Maternal and newborn health

  • Births attended by skilled health personnel

Sexual and reproductive health

  • CPR any method

  • Unmet need



Total fertility rate, per woman, 2010-2015

Life expectancy

Life expectancy at birth (years), 2010-2015

Harmful Practices

Child marriage by age 18, per cent, 2006-2017

  • Child marriage by age 18

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