Media Contacts

The UNFPA media contacts listed below can answer your questions about UNFPA's work, and can arrange interviews for you with our experts.

Below contact information is for media inquiries only. For general inquiries please contact

NY Headquarters 

Mr. Eddie Wright (based in New York):
Communications Specialist
Tel. +1 212 297 2717
Languages: English, French, German

Ms. Malene Arboe-Rasmussen (based in Copenhagen):
Media & Communications Specialist
Tel. +45 6166 1291
Languages: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian

Regional Communications Advisers

Please see our 'Worldwide' page for more information on UNFPA's geographical organization.

Mr. Samir Aldarabi
Regional Communications Adviser for Arab States, Cairo
Tel. +20 106 8484879 

Mr. Jacob Enoh Eben
Regional Communications Adviser for West and Central Africa (Dakar)
Tel. +221 33 859 8228

Mr. Jens-Hagen Eschenbächer
Regional Communications Adviser for Eastern Europe and Central Asia  (Istanbul)
Tel. +90 212 705 36 72

Ms Daisy Leoncio
Regional Communications Adviser for South and East Africa  (Johannesburg)
Tel. +27 11 603 5303

Mr. Alvaro Serrano
Regional Communications Adviser for Latin America and the Caribbean  (Panama)
Tel. +507 305 5549 

Mr. Roy Wadia
Regional Communications Adviser for Asia and the Pacific (Bangkok)
Direct: +66 2 687 0111 
Mobile: +66 848 752 634