Finance and Budget Policies

The policies in this section cover UNFPA Financial and Budgetary Policies and Procedures. The objective of the UNFPA Financial and Budgetary Policies and Procedures is to disseminate UNFPA's financial and budgetary objectives, policies and procedural controls to all organizational units of the Organization and for application by all staff.  The Finance Branch and Resource Planning and Budgeting Branch of the Division for Management Services  perform a wide variety of functions dealing with the financial and budgetary control and transactions of UNFPA.

As much as possible, this section is aimed at giving the user an understanding and appreciation of the operational budget and accounting policies and procedures, which have been established within the framework of the UNFPA Financial Regulations and Rules that were adopted and approved by the UNFPA Executive Board.

Please note that the Policies and Procedures Manual is necessarily a "living document" subject to changes and updates. All policies, even those needing minor or substantive revision are  official policy of the UNFPA and therefore are in effect.

18 November 2022
The policies in this section provide information on how cost recovery is managed at UNFPA. It also includes an overview of UNFPA’s resource management process that governs the UNFPA Integrated Budget, including planning, allocation and management of the corresponding financial resources.
15 April 2019
This section aims to provide users with the individual policies containing specific guidance and instructions on how to manage key financial and operational processes within UNFPA.
21 September 2016
The overarching policies guiding financial and resource management at UNFPA are contained in this section. This includes the UNFPA Financial Regulations and Rules as well as the Internal Control Framework.
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