Yemen: One of the world's largest humanitarian crises

Yemen lays tragic claim to one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises and aid operations. A staggering 23.4 million people — almost three quarters of the population — require some form of humanitarian assistance in 2022. Multiple emergencies have pummeled the country: violent conflict, an economic blockade, currency collapse, natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic in a country where only half of health facilities are operational.

An estimated 77 per cent of the 4.3 million people displaced in Yemen are women and children, while approximately 26 per cent of displaced households are now led by women (compared to 9 per cent before the escalation of the conflict in 2015).

More than 6.5 million women require urgent access to protection services, while 8.1 million women and adolescent girls of childbearing age need help accessing reproductive health services. One woman dies every two hours during childbirth, an almost entirely preventable tragedy. More than a million pregnant and breastfeeding women are already acutely malnourished, a number that could double with the food insecurity Yemen is facing.    

UNFPA's 2022 response has so far reached nearly 1 million people with reproductive health services and emergency relief, supporting 100 health facilities, 35 safe spaces, seven shelters and eight mental health centres.

The needs seem bottomless in a place where deteriorating conditions imperil not only the present but the near future, too. 

Updated on 11 October 2022