Guinea-Bissau Humanitarian Emergency

Mother and father with their baby.

Although a post conflict country with a political instability (3 different Goverments in one year), Guinea-Bissau is quite calm, with no humanitarian crisis. UNHCR reports a number of 10000 refugees from neighbor countries, but their presence does not cause any humanitarian need as such. In the 2017 CO Contingency prepardness and response, we based our planification on those 10000 refugees and 5000 Bissau-Guineans from host communities.

Humanitarian needs

Guinea-Bissau Humanitarian Emergency
Last updated on - December 2018

Total people in need


Women of reproductive age


Pregnant women


Young people


Humanitarian funding

Resources in US$

  • Results data are reported and updated as they become available.
  • -Targets and UNFPA's populations of concern, including women of reproductive age and pregnant women, are estimated using the MISP calculator.
  • -Funding estimates are based on country planning processes, including inter-agency humanitarian response plans and regional refugee and resilience plans.

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