UNFPA Serbia

On its path towards accession to the European Union, Serbia is undergoing structural reforms. Despite marked economic growth, unemployment has increased as a result of the global economic crisis, and affecting vulnerable populations such as the Roma, persons with disabilities, youth, women and rural residents. UNFPA’s partnership began in 2006, and has focused on supporting gender equality, and reproductive health and rights. It fosters engagement on issues related to youth, ageing, and links between population and development. Through assistance to non-governmental organizations, UNFPA supports local actions to meet reproductive health and related needs.

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  • Population aged 0-14

  • Population aged 15-64

  • Population aged 65+

Salud materna y neonatal

  • Partos atendidos por personal de salud cualificado

Salud sexual y reproductiva

  • Tasa de prevalencia del uso de anticonceptivos, cualquier método

  • Demanda no satisfecha



Tasa de fecundidad total, mujeres, 2010-2015

Esperanza de vida

Esperanza de vida al nacer, 2010-2015

Harmful Practices

Child marriage by age 18, per cent, 2006-2017

  • Child marriage by age 18

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Programme activities

  • Ganancias
  • Principales
  • Non - core
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