Safety and Security Policies

The policies in this section cover UNFPA Security Policies, Procedures and Guidelines. The objective of the UN/UNFPA Security Policies, Procedures and Guidelines is to ensure staff safety and security.  The Office of Security Coordination performs a wide range of functions, crisis management, guiding Country Offices and personnel in the implementation of security policies and procedures and dealing with the security and safety of all UNFPA personnel, their eligible dependents, premises and assets.

All Security Policies, Procedures and Guidelines contained in this section have been approved by the HQs Security Management Group (SMG) or the Executive Committee (EC). The UNFPA Security Accountability Policy provides details of all personnel roles and responsibilities in relations to their individual and managerial security accountability/responsibilities. It is important to note that compliance with all UN/UNFPA Security Policies and Procedures is mandatory by all personnel globally.  Non-compliance with security policies and procedure may affect insurance coverage and could result in disciplinary or administrative actions.

Please note that the Policies and Procedures Manual is necessarily a "living document" subject to changes and updates. All policies, even those needing minor or substantive revision are  official policy of the UNFPA and therefore are in effect.

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