Funds and funding

Contributions to UNFPA totaled $979 million in 2015. The amount includes $398 million to the organization’s core resources and $581 million earmarked for specific programmes or initiatives.
Core resources continue to be vital for UNFPA’s operations as they enable global reach, reduce transaction costs, permit the organization to focus on programmatic impact and leverage additional resources for greater results and maintain its ability to have universal presence, even in fragile contexts, such as in conflict zones or in refugee situations.
Core resources remain the bedrock of UNFPA operations, enabling the flexibility to plan effectively and respond to shifting global development challenges, and the changing circumstances and needs of pro- gramme countries.
In 2015, contributions to core resources were $79 million lower than in 2014, mainly because of unfavourable exchange rates between major contribution currencies and the US dollar.
Among earmarked contributions in 2015 were $77 million to support UNFPA Supplies and the UNFPA Maternal Health Thematic Fund, which includes the Campaign to End Fistula. These funds continued to drive UNFPA’s key agendas.


14 March 2018
When Cyclone Gita tore through the Pacific in February 2018, the storm surges, flooding and gale force winds caused severe damage across Tonga, Samoa and Fiji’s remote Lau island group. The Category 4 storm was described as the worst to hit Tonga in 60 years, damaging thousands of homes.
16 February 2018
UNFPA has entered into a new partnership with OWHealth, the parent company behind the period-tracker app and women’s health platform Flo, which has over 13 million active users worldwide (among a total of 35 million installs) and is downloaded 2.5 million times every month.
14 December 2017
On 12 December, the Government of Denmark signed a five-year agreement with UNFPA in Uganda towards improving women and young people’s health. Denmark has committed DKK 85 million, equivalent to approximately USD 13 million.