UNFPA Equalizer Accelerator Fund: A New Approach to Creating Impact

The UNFPA Equalizer Accelerator Fund aims to equalize opportunities for women and girls and ensure rights and choices for all through innovation. 

It provides new funding and financing options in UNFPA’s mandate areas of sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence, maternal health, and data.

UNFPA’s presence in 150 countries and territories means we are well positioned to deliver even in places that are hard to reach. And we make sure to share successes across countries and communities so the benefits are felt far and wide. 

Since collaboration maximizes reach and impact, the Equalizer Accelerator Fund draws on UNFPA’s deep and diverse global network of partners, service providers, activists and governments. 

Together, we #DisruptInequality.

"To disrupt inequality and realize the sustainable development goals, we need to remove the barriers standing between women and girls and their rights and choices.” 

Dr. Natalia Kanem, Executive Director UNFPA

Our four pillars

The Equalizer Accelerator Fund is based on four pillars:

  • Impact: Measurable impact at scale with long-term structures and collaborations through the Equalizer Fund. Generating impact with experts and entrepreneurs.
  • Partnerships: Systematically fill gaps with partnerships, connecting technology, finance, networks.
  • Finance: Leveraging innovative finance instruments to collaborate for internal and external initiatives and ideas.
  • Capability: Strengthening internal architecture, culture of innovation and capabilities 

Our three- stage approach 

The Equalizer Accelerator Fund applies a three-stage approach: investing in piloting new ideas, testing for impact, and transitioning innovations to scale. This enables evidence-based and accelerated positive impact through targeted investment in transformative ideas.


Our three dimensions of work

The Equalizer Fund aims to equalize opportunities for women and girls through innovation by supporting and investing in innovations with women, by women and for women.

Three dimensions of work infographic highlighting our work with women, for women, by women

Our partners

  • The Government of Denmark
  • The Government of Finland
  • The Government of Luxembourg 
  • Bayer Pharma AG 
  • Maternity Foundation
  • The United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC)
  • World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator
  • World Intellectual Property Organization

Join us 

Join us on the journey to a better world, created with and for women and girls!

The Equalizer is open for partners to join. Contact innovations@unfpa.org. Partnership modalities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Advisory
  • Sector expertise
  • Technology
  • Investment