The war in Ukraine continues to take a heavy toll on the lives of millions of women and girls – from exacerbating the risks of gender-based violence, sexual exploitation and abuse to eliminating livelihoods and increasing poverty levels. Displacement and the large-scale destruction of infrastructure has also left services for survivors of violence, health care and other critical forms of support out of reach for many.

In support of the Government of Ukraine, and with partners, UNFPA is working to restore and expand life-saving reproductive health and protection services. Mobile teams are providing psychosocial support to people in need in hard-to-reach areas of the country. Survivor relief centres, safe spaces and online services are being expanded to support survivors of violence, including conflict-related sexual violence. Mobile units take health services to women in remote parts of Ukraine, and a maternity unit in Kharkiv ensures pregnant women have access to emergency obstetric care.

UNFPA is also present in the Republic of Moldova and other neighbouring countries, responding to the protection and health needs of refugees, including women, girls and young people.

UNFPA urgently requires long-term, flexible funding to address the needs of those affected in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, including for reproductive health supplies and the deployment of additional personnel for the provision of essential services. In 2024, UNFPA is appealing for $94.4 million. This includes $75 million for Ukraine and $19.4 million for the refugee response in neighbouring countries

Updated 23 February 2024