UNFPA Brazil

Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country with the eighth largest economy by nominal GDP and is the 85th country in the Human Development Index (2013). Despite being a middle-income country, it continues to face inequalities in income distribution and disparities associated to gender, race and generational and regional disparities. As of 1973, UNFPA support has contributed sexual reproductive health and family planning resources and services throughout the country. Through this effort and governmental support, the poverty rate decreased significantly within the last 15 years.

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  • Population aged 0-14

  • Population aged 15-64

  • Population aged 65+

Santé maternelle et néonatale

  • Naissances assistées par un professionnel de santé qualifié en

Santé sexuelle et reproductive

  • Taux de prévalence des contraceptifs (toutes méthodes confondues)

  • Besoin non satisfait



Taux de fécondité global, 2010-2015

Espérance de vie

Espérance de vie à la naissance (en années), 2010-2015

Harmful Practices

Child marriage by age 18, per cent, 2006-2017

  • Child marriage by age 18

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