The Islamic Republic of Iran is a middle-income country experiencing rapid changes and a demographic transition with an increasingly large young population. With UNFPA support since 1970, progress has been marked on maternal health and the management of population data. Today, programmes support high-quality integrated reproductive health care, including for HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable groups, and strengthened reproductive health responses in emergencies. UNFPA also supports the government to address emerging population issues, including youth, ageing, female-headed households, and urbanization and migration.

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  • Population aged 0-14

  • Population aged 15-64

  • Population aged 65+

Santé maternelle et néonatale

  • Naissances assistées par un professionnel de santé qualifié en

Santé sexuelle et reproductive

  • Taux de prévalence des contraceptifs (toutes méthodes confondues)

  • Besoin non satisfait



Taux de fécondité global, 2010-2015

Espérance de vie

Espérance de vie à la naissance (en années), 2010-2015

Harmful Practices

Child marriage by age 18, per cent, 2006-2017

  • Child marriage by age 18

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Programme activities

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