Quality assurance

Access to safe and effective contraceptives, medicines and equipment

UNFPA places a high priority on reproductive health commodity security, which means that all individuals have access to affordable, quality sexual and reproductive health supplies of their choice whenever they need them.

UNFPA is committed to procuring quality RH products and therefore evaluates and prequalifies suppliers based on internationally recognized quality standards before entering into any contractual agreements.

UNFPA quality assurance activities follow a systematic process to ensure that RH products meet specified requirements and standards. Quality assurance activities include prequalification, technical evaluations, quality control, and monitoring. Quality control refers to a set of activities to determine whether the specified standards are being maintained through inspection, sampling, and laboratory testing.

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Capacity building

As part of its commitment to ensuring that all individuals have access to affordable, quality-assured reproductive health and family planning supplies, UNFPA Procurement Services Branch offers procurement capacity building in the form of technical support, training, and mentoring activities for key stakeholders in the production and regulation of RH commodities. This capacity building is available to manufacturers, national regulatory authorities, national quality control laboratories, and other similar bodies. Current capacity building initiatives include:

  • Regional workshops on standards and laboratory quality control for RH products
  • On-site training for national laboratories testing male and female condoms as des
  • In collaboration with WHO, informational annual meeting on the WHO/UNFPA prequalification processes and specifications
  • Regional hands-on training on male condom dossier assessment
  • Male condom inspection

UNFPA is also available to provide quality assurance capacity building support in regards to quality assurance to third parties upon request. Examples of such support include consultation on quality assurance issues, training, and policy development.

For information on upcoming capacity building events, please send an email to UNFPA Procurement Services Branch.


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