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15 September 2015 - 6 October 2015

United Nation Headquarters, New York

The 70th Session of the UN General Assembly

The 70th session of the UN General Assembly commences on 15 September 2015. This year – the 70th anniversary of the United Nations – marks decades of international cooperation and achievement. It also marks the culmination of 15 years of progress towards the ambitious Millennium Development Goals, which were adopted in 2000. Details

21 August 2015 - 22 August 2015

King’s Academy in Madaba, Jordan

Global Forum on Youth, Peace and Security

UNFPA, with United Nations and civil society partners and the Government of Jordan, is co-organizing the first-ever Global Forum on Youth, Peace and Security. The event, held just outside the capital, Amman, will focus on the critical role of young people as peacebuilders in conflict- and insecurity-affected parts of the world. The forum will draw attention to young people’s existing contributions to peace, and establish a common plan for supporting these efforts in the future. Details

19 August 2015 - 19 August 2015


World Humanitarian Day 2015

World Humanitarian Day is a time to recognize those who face danger and adversity in order to help others. This year's World Humanitarian Day draws attention to the tens of millions of people around the world living amid crises, conflicts and disasters. Details

12 August 2015 - 12 August 2015


International Youth Day 2015

International Youth Day is an annual celebration of the role of young women and men as essential partners in change, as well as an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges and hardships facing the world’s youth. The theme of this year's International Youth Day is Youth Civic Engagement, highlighting the importance of engaging young people in political, economic and social decision-making. Details

21 July 2015 - 23 July 2015

Sheraton Hotel Gardens, Kampala, Uganda

UNFPA “HackforYouth” Hackathon

On 21 July 2015, UNFPA experts and young people from around the world, along with innovators, developers, and partners, will gather for a three-day hackathon to develop mobile app solutions to promote young people’s access to sexual and reproductive health. Sponsored by UNFPA’s Innovation Fund, the hackathon responds to a growing commitment to leverage information and communication technologies to empower young people, complementing UNFPA’s ongoing work to promote the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people. Details

11 July 2015 - 11 July 2015


World Population Day

In 1989, the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme recommended that 11 July be observed by the international community as World Population Day, a day to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues. The theme of this year's World Population Day is Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies. Details

1 June 2015 - 1 June 2015

United Nations, New York

High-Level Event on the Demographic Dividend and Youth Employment

This high-level event brings together policymakers, business leaders, and representatives of civil society and youth groups to explore strategies and best practices to help countries realize a demographic dividend – the economic benefits that can arise when a population has a relatively large proportion of working-age people. Details

23 May 2015 - 23 May 2015


International Day to End Obstetric Fistula 2015

Obstetric fistula is one of the most serious and tragic injuries that can occur during childbirth. The condition typically leaves women incontinent, and as a result they are often shunned by their communities. An estimated 2 million women in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, the Arab region, and Latin America and the Caribbean are living with this injury, and some 50,000 to 100,000 new cases develop each year. Yet fistula is almost entirely preventable. Its persistence is a sign that health systems are failing to meet women’s essential needs. Details

15 May 2015 - 15 May 2015


International Day of Families 2015

The International Day of Families acknowledges the importance of families and highlights issues affecting them. The theme of this year’s International Day of Families is “Men in Charge? Gender equality and children’s rights in contemporary families”. Details

5 May 2015 - 5 May 2015


International Day of the Midwife 2015

Midwives – and people with midwifery skills – are the main caregivers for women and their new-borns during pregnancy, labour, childbirth and in the post-delivery period. Skilled midwives are the difference between life and death for close to 300,000 women each year, and ten times that many infants. Details