Resource Planning and Budgeting

Resource date: 2014

Cost Recovery Policy - September 2014

This policy establishes the principles of cost recovery to ensure that regular resources do not subsidize the implementation of other resources. The policy explains the difference between direct and indirect costs, lists the indirect cost recovery rates that are applicable for different types of contributions, and discusses the types of direct costs that must be included in the proposals/budgets funded from other resources and charged accordingly.

Resource Management Policy - April 2016

This policy articulates the framework that governs the UNFPA Integrated Budget, including planning, allocation and management of the corresponding financial resources. It covers the full financial cycle of the management of resources at UNFPA. The policy establishes principles and procedures for the financial planning and administration of all resources (both regular and other resources) and all cost classifications, including the responsibilities of divisions at each individual stage.policy provides an overview of the management of financial resources at UNFPA, including planning, approval, distribution, monitoring and accounting of financial resources at UNFPA.


  • Cost Recovery Policy


    Resource Management Policy