Financial Framework

Financial Framework

Resource date: 21 Sep 2016

Author: FASP

Publisher: UNFPA PD

UNFPA Financial Regulations and Rules - January 2014

The Financial Regulations and Rules (FRRs) are an overarching source of authority for the way UNFPA manages its Funds. They constitute the broad principles, directives and procedures governing the establishment and implementation of UNFPA’s budget and the control of UNFPA’s finances.  Regulations can only be amended by the Executive Board, whereas Rules can be amended by the Executive Director.

Internal Control Framework - September 2016

This policy constitutes the foundation for the UNFPA's approach to the Internal Control Framework. Its objective is to strengthen internal controls in UNFPA in accorance with internationally recognized principles and best practices. 

Policy for Atlas User Profiles and Directory Application (ICF) - April 2015

The Policy for Atlas User Proiles and Directory Application (ICF) defines the Atlas profiles and outlines the segregation of duties. It also describe the various Atlas activities that can be performed by each Atlas profile for field offices and headquarters.

Enterprise Risk Management Policy - April 2022

This policy establishes the methodology, processes, and procedures for an effective Enterprise Risk Management at UNFPA, which will enable the organization to achieve its strategic objectives, 2030 Agenda, and transformative results through an effective response to risks and opportunities.

UNFPA Financial Regulations and Rules
Internal Control Framework (2016)
Policy for Atlas User Profiles and Directory Application
Enterprise Risk Management Policy

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