Strategy to enhance evaluation use through communications and knowledge management (2018-2021)

Resource date: 2019


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This strategy provides a results-based framework to strengthen evaluation use at UNFPA and beyond, using communications and knowledge management as a strategic approach. In this way, the strategy responds to the vision articulated in Evaluation Policy 2019 and Evaluation Strategy 2018-2021, to enhance the use of evaluations for greater accountability, evidence-based decision-making and learning. 

Key focus of the strategy

  • Strategic planning for communication of evaluative knowledge
  • User-focused communications approach, catering to audience needs
  • Relevant and diversified evaluation knowledge products for a range of audiences
  • Minimum communications package for each centralized evaluation
  • Availability and timely access to targeted evaluative knowledge for decision-making
  • Results-based framework to measure success 

Putting the strategy into practice, UNFPA Evaluation Office is investing in audience-focused and innovative evaluation products, evaluation videos, enhanced website, social media outreach, active community of practice, user-friendly evaluation database, among others. 

The strategy acknowledges that high quality, relevant, timely and credible evaluations are key to enhance use of evaluations. Since several strategic documents and mechanisms address these dimensions, this strategy specifically focuses on strengthening effective communication of evaluative knowledge to a targeted audience, within UNFPA and outside.



  • (Detailed) Strategy to enhance evaluation use through communications and knowledge management (2018-2021)


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