UNFPA Evaluation Strategy (2018-2021)

Resource date: 2019

This document presents UNFPA’s strategy for evaluation. The strategy is framed both by UNFPA’s new Strategic Plan for 2018-2021 and by the broader set of directions adopted by the UN system. It presents and explains UNFPA’s overall strategic priorities for evaluation over the period 2018-2021 as well as all corresponding areas of work.

The five strategic priorities covered in the strategy include (1) demand-driven evaluation function processes and products; (2) diversification and innovation of evaluation processes and products; (3) quality of evaluation processes and products; (4) use and utility of the evaluation function; and (5) valuation capacity development.

The above-mentioned strategic priorities will be applied to four areas of work:  (1) corporate evaluations; (2) decentralised evaluation function; (3) UN coherence in evaluation; and (4) national evaluation capacities for country-led evaluation systems. For more information on the strategy, please contact the Evaluation Office.


  • UNFPA Evaluation Strategy (2018-2021)


    Key messages from UNFPA Evaluation Strategy (2018-2021)