About Investigations

OAIS Investigations

OAIS’ investigation function performs investigations into allegations of fraud, misconduct and other wrongdoing in the programmes and operations of UNFPA that involve UNFPA staff, vendors (a legal person such as an implementing partner or a vendor, or an individual independent contractor such as a consultant).  

OAIS investigations are conducted in a fair, objective and independent manner following recognized professional standards for conducting administrative investigations. OAIS investigations are primarily performed following receipt of specific allegations including but not limited to:

  • Fraud and corruption;
  • Failure to observe UNFPA Rules and Regulations, relevant administrative issuance and standard of conduct;
  • Conflict of interest and favouritism;
  • Unlawful acts ( such as violations of local laws, violation of privileges and immunities);
  • Harassment, abuse of authority, sexual abuse and exploitation;
  • Retaliation against whistleblowers. 



OAIS investigations are performed in confidence to safeguard the integrity of the process and protect the rights of those involved. To the extent possible, identities of complainants and witnesses are treated confidentially and only disclosed to those with a legitimate need to know.


Protection against retaliation

All UNFPA staff members have an obligation to report suspicions of wrongdoing.  UNFPA staff members are protected from retaliation for making such reports in good faith. Retaliation is prohibited, and if established, may in itself constitute misconduct and lead to disciplinary action.

Staff members who believe that they have been the victim of retaliation, may seek informal redress or make a formal complaint to the Ethics officer at ethicsoffice@unfpa.org

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