Internal Audit and Investigation Policies

Policy and Procedures for Implementing Partner Review and Sanctions

This policy summarizes Implementing Partner review and sanctions.

Policy for Vendor Review and Sanctions

This policy covers all aspects of vendor review and sanctions by UNFPA.

Policy on Protection against Retaliation

The Policy on Protection Against Retaliation for Reporting Wrongdoing or for Cooperating with an Authorized Fact-Finding Activity sets forth the framework and procedures for the protection of UNFPA personnel from retaliation, and regulates permissible disclosure of allegations of wrongdoing to entities outside of UNFPA.

Prohibition of Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Abuse of Authority and Discrimination

This Policy seeks to ensure that all individuals working for UNFPA are treated with dignity and respect and work in an environment free from harassment, sexual harassment, abuse of authority or discrimination

Disciplinary Framework

This policy explains UNFPA’s disciplinary measures, as well as due process during the Investigation process and the disciplinary process.

UNFPA Policy against Fraudulent and Other Proscribed Practices

This policy aims to prevent and detect fraud involving UNFPA staff members, consultants, contractors, and/or other parties with a business relationship with UNFPA.

UNFPA Oversight Policy

The oversight policy aims to encourage good governance, create the necessary environment of accountability and transparency in UNFPA and ensure that the organization operates effectively and efficiently.

Special Measures for Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse

Secretary General Bulletin outlining the prohibited conduct, responsibilities for prevention of, and process for dealing with allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse of beneficiaries by UN personnel.

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