New partnership to promote demand and use of evaluation by national decision-makers to achieve sustainable development

16 September 2019

UNFPA Evaluation Office announces a new partnership with the Global Parliamentarian Forum for Evaluation (GPFE) to enhance the engagement of parliamentarians to demand and use evaluations in decision-making for sustainable development.

GPFE is a network of parliamentarians who are committed to using evidence for policy development, good governance and increased social accountability. The forum was launched at the Parliament of Nepal in November 2015 in the context of the International Year of Evaluation. UNFPA, among other United Nations entities, are supporting GPFE to strengthen its mandate.

This partnership is particularly significant as world leaders, parliamentarians and other decision-makers convene at the 74th session of United Nations General Assembly for the next two weeks, to discuss the progress made to implement the 2030 Agenda, among other global issues.

This collaboration is further aligned with UNFPA Evaluation Policy 2019 to meaningfully engage national decision-makers in evaluation, to drive achievement of ICPD and Sustainable Development Goals.


Key initiatives

Deliver on the Colombo Declaration signed at the Parliament of Sri Lanka during EvalColombo2018 

Develop knowledge products to share best practices on national evaluation policies and systems and institutionalization of evaluation within parliaments 

Support peer-to-peer learning among parliamentarians, parliaments, public institutions, Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs) and civil society 

Support GPFE to strengthen advocacy and outreach to more parliamentarians, parliaments and stakeholders to promote a culture of evaluation to achieve sustainable development