Assessing the quality of developmental evaluations at UNFPA

12 March 2020


UNFPA Evaluation Office has developed the first developmental evaluation-specific quality assessment grid and guidance. This tool captures how the principles of developmental evaluation and the UNEG evaluation standards translate into UNFPA evaluation quality assurance and assessment work. This in turn will improve the overall quality of future developmental evaluations at UNFPA and beyond.

In 2019, UNFPA Evaluation Office conducted its first developmental evaluation, the developmental evaluation of results-based management (RBM) at UNFPA. This evaluation provided real-time evaluative input for decision-making and learning to take RBM to the next stage at UNFPA, while guiding the organization on how to adapt to emerging, dynamic and complex environments.

All evaluations at UNFPA undergo a stringent evaluation quality assurance and assessment (EQAA) process. However, there was a need for a more appropriate tool that could quality assess the uniqueness of the developmental evaluation. At the same time, the lack of any available tool for this purpose within and outside the UN system propelled the Evaluation Office to take the lead to develop this pioneering tool.

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