Evaluation Quality Assurance and Assessment: Tools and Guidance

Resource date: 2016

The UNFPA Evaluation Quality Assurance and Assessment (EQAA) system has two basic elements to ensure quality of evaluations at UNFPA – quality assurance and quality assessment. Quality Assurance takes place during the evaluation process: the purpose being to promote quality starting with the evaluation terms of reference and ending with the draft final evaluation report. Quality assessment takes place after an evaluation is completed (ex post), whereby the final evaluation report is quality assessed by an external assessor.

The independent Evaluation Office at UNFPA rolled out a revised EQAA system in 2016, which included the development of templates and tools for quality assurance during the evaluation process and an update to the criteria in the quality assessment grid (used to assess final evalaution reports).

The revised EQAA system is closely aligned with the Evaluation Policy (2019) and the updated UN Norms and Standards for Evaluation (2016), and covers two main types of evaluations: centralized and decentralized evaluations.

Evaluation Quality Assessments (EQAs) reviews are posted alongside the corresponding evaluation report on the Evaluation Database.



  • Dimensions of evaluation quality at UNFPA


    Evaluation Quality Assessment Grid


    Guidance note for the use of the Evaluation Quality Assessment Grid