14 September 2016
Fatuma Ahmed was subjected to female genital mutilation and child marriage. She is now a member of a "married girls' club," where she and other child brides advocate against these harmful practices. © UNFPA/Abraham Gelaw
AFAMBO, Ethiopia – Fatuma was married off five years ago, when she was just 13. Like most girls from the remote Afar Region of Ethiopia, she had undergone female genital mutilation (FGM) when she was only a baby, and it... Read more
5 January 2016
Semira Umer, a health extension worker in northern Ethiopia, often counsels women on family planning. She says almost every married woman in the area now knows about the contraceptive options available. ©UNFPA Ethiopia/Mulugeta Ayene
Amhara Region, Ethiopia – “My heart is with him,” said Netsanet*, speaking of her husband, who has moved away to a distant town, leaving her and their son behind in a rural village in northern Ethiopia. She stayed in... Read more
14 October 2015
Asiya, a former circumciser, now urges community members to abandon FGM. © UNFPA Ethiopia
AFAMBO, Ethiopia – Asiya Hamed spent much of her life performing female genital mutilation (FGM) on girls in her community. She cannot remember how many girls she has cut, but she knows what the consequences have been... Read more
1 September 2015
Hawa Buha with her husband, Enehaba Seid, in their home in Ethiopia. Ms. Hawa has been a trailblazer in her community, first refusing to undergo FGM, then marrying for love. © UNFPA Ethiopia/Abraham Gelaw
AWASH, Ethiopia – Twenty-four-year-old Hawa Buha was among the first in her conservative pastoralist community to defy the tradition of female genital mutilation (FGM). Here, in the northern Afar Region, many believe... Read more
14 July 2015
Belaynesh Sema and her newborn, Gize Melak, at the Finote Selam District Hospital after an emergency Caesarean section delivery. © UNFPA/Mulugeta Ayene
AMHARA REGION, Ethiopia – Harsh fluorescent lights, fading paint and cracked chairs greet visitors at the Finote Selam District Hospital, in Ethiopia’s remote Amhara Region. But despite its humble appearance, this... Read more
8 May 2015
 Fasika Maru, a midwife, examines Anguach Abebaw at the Ambesame Health Centre. Ms. Anguach is in labour, but her foetus is in a dangerous position. © UNFPA/Mulugeta Ayene
AMHARA REGION, Ethiopia – They called it the Stealer. It came to their homes in this remote part of northern Ethiopia, and claimed the lives of women in childbirth. It took Asmer Geremew’s mother, as well as her younger... Read more
23 March 2015
Traditional dancers entertain participants at the record-breaking HIV counselling and testing event in Gambella, Ethiopia. © UNFPA Ethiopia
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia/GABORONE, Botswana – Record-breaking numbers of people have received HIV counselling and testing through two historic initiatives in Ethiopia, Botswana, South Africa and Tanzania.  In the Gambella... Read more
18 February 2015
Surgeons at the Assosa Referral Hospital perform a uterine prolapse surgery. © UNFPA   Ethiopia/Abraham Gelaw
ASSOSA, Ethiopia – Santibe Kurben, 40, suffered for years from uterine prolapse – a condition in which the pelvic muscles been weakened, causing the uterus to slip down into, or even out of, the birth canal. The... Read more
9 June 2014
CAIRO, Egypt / ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – A historic campaign to end child marriage across Africa was launched on 29 May 2014 at the African Union (AU) Commission Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Although commitments... Read more
5 June 2014
AFAMBO, Ethiopia – From birth, Kadiga Mohammed was set to marry her first and eldest cousin, a traditional practice known as ‘absuma’ in her community in the Afar Region of Ethiopia. When she turned 16, her parents... Read more