25 January 2021
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina – As in many parts of the world, the eight women’s shelters across the country saw rising numbers of survivors of violence seeking refuge during the pandemic. To support the shelters and... Read more
21 March 2019
BIHAC/SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina – “We still risk our lives,” said Hatidza*, a 26-year-old migrant transiting through Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Last time when we tried to pass the border, you could see the... Read more
16 April 2018
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina – On the surface, child marriage seems to affect few girls in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But dig a little deeper, and a pattern emerges among the most marginalized, impoverished girls. A... Read more
6 June 2014
UNFPA assists Balkan flood survivors
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina / BELGRADE, Serbia – Millions of people across the Balkans are facing the aftermath of the worst natural disaster to hit the region in more than a century. As the waters retreat,... Read more
17 March 2014
UNITED NATIONS, New York – Women often suffer the worst consequences of armed conflict. As targets of sexual violence, they endure unspeakable atrocities on the margins of the world’s battlefields. “Rape in war leaves... Read more
30 October 2013
VISOKO, Bosnia and Herzegovina — Like many other Roma women in South-Eastern Europe, Arnela and Sabrina gave birth before they turned 18. The two young mothers from Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina are sisters-in-law,... Read more
6 June 2012
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina — Amela Dafovic feels lucky to be alive. The fact that she is still here is thanks to her gut feeling that something was wrong, despite assurances from her doctors suggesting otherwise... Read more
16 January 2012
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina — In this capital city, preparations are under way for a nationwide population and housing census—the first to be held in the country in more than 20 years. At the Agency of Statistics... Read more
18 March 2011
In the News
Tweet She does not have a first name, nor a face. “No photos, please. ” Seated in a small dark room, her psychologist at her side, the “woman of Tuzla” will be her name. She is surrounded by cigarettes and medicines.... Read more
13 December 2010
In the News
The war in Bosnia was the first time the United Nations had been faced with mass rape as a weapon of war. Fifteen years after the Dayton Accords peace agreement, Sophie Arie talks to doctors in Sarajevo and discovers a... Read more


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