Human Resources Policies

 Welcome to the Human Resources (HR) Policies Section of the PPM.

The purpose of HR Policies is to regulate and provide guidance on all matters related to the working arrangements and terms and conditions of service of UNFPA personnel.

Like other policies and procedures contained in the PPM, HR policies should be seen as "living documents" subject to changes and updates. UNFPA personnel should ensure they keep themselves up-to-date with all the HR Policies that apply to them.

UNFPA staff are subject to the United Nations (UN) Staff Regulations and Rules which are included in the HR Framework section. There also contains a short instruction on HR Policies titled "Authority of UNPFA in Matters Relating to Human Resources" which explains the HR policy hierarchy in place at UNFPA. To simplify, where UNFPA has its own HR policy or past practice this will apply. Where there is no UNFPA HR policy or past practice, UNFPA follows the HR policy or past practice established by UNDP. Where there is neither a UNFPA or UNDP HR policy or past practice, UNFPA applies the UN Secretariat HR policy or past practice.

UNFPA personnel are able to access the HR Policies available in UNDP's Programme and Operations Policy and Procedures (POPP). For issues specifically related to entitlements and benefits, the UNDP service team provides HR administrative services for UNFPA staff, and provides information on benefits and entitlements at the Global Shared Services (GSSU) site.

UNFPA personnel are able to access UN Secretariat HR Policies and procedures via the UN's iseek site or on the UN Human Resources Handbook.

We hope you will find the HR policies section useful and informative. 

Please note that the Policies and Procedures Manual is necessarily a "living document" subject to changes and updates. All policies, even those needing minor or substantive revision are  official policy of the UNFPA and therefore are in effect.

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