Audit and Investigation

Internal audit reports

Audit number Issue Date Title of Audit Report Audit rating % IR
IA/2016-09 12 October 2016 Audit of the Governance and Strategic Management of UNFPA Supplies
IA/2016-08 11 October 2016 Audit of the UNFPA Country Office in Chad
IA/2016-07 11 October 2016 Audit of the UNFPA Arab States Regional Office
IA/2016-06 16 September 2016 Audit of the UNFPA Condom Procurement Process
IA/2016-05 9 August 2016 Audit of the UNFPA Country Office in Cote D'Ivoire



The Office of Audit and Investigation Services (OAIS) covers two functions: internal audit, and investigation. The Director, OAIS reports directly to the Executive Director of UNFPA and provides independent and objective assurance as well as advisory services designed to add value and improve UNFPA operations. The Office helps UNFPA accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of governance, risk management and control processes, as well as assess the impact of UNFPA's activities on its intended beneficiaries.

OAIS Charter

In accordance with the Oversight Policy and the Financial Regulations approved by the Executive Board, the roles and responsibilities of OAIS, as well as the purpose, authority, policies and procedures that shall be applied in the operations of OAIS, are set forth in its Charter approved by the Executive Director.

As stated in the Financial Rules and Regulations of UNFPA, the Director, OAIS reports on internal audit and oversight activities annually to the Executive Board at its annual session. The report on internal audit and oversight activities summarizes significant observations from audits and investigations undertaken in that year.

Oversight Advisory Committee

A five-member Oversight Advisory Committee (OAC) is established to assist the Executive Director of UNFPA in fulfilling his/her responsibilities regarding financial management and reporting, external audit matters, risk management, the systems of internal control and accountability, and the oversight process (the internal audit, evaluation, investigation and ethics functions).

OAIS submits to the OAC, for review and advice, its strategy, work plans, budget situations and periodic progress reports. The OAC also receives a copy of all OAIS internal audit reports.

UN Board of Auditors Reports

Investigation Resources

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Reports to the Executive Board

15 September 2014
UNFPA Audit and Investigation related decisions of the Executive Board DP/2014/18 - Updating the UNFPA oversight policy The Executive Board: Takes note of the report on the way forward on updating the UNFPA oversight...
17 April 2014
Pursuant to item 14 of its terms of reference, and in accordance with paragraph 14 C of section IV, subsection F of the UNFPA oversight policy, this report to the Executive Director, UNFPA, provides a summary of the...