Resource date: 2017

This section contains policies on and agreements for various programme partnership modalities, including implementing partner, grants, general cooperation with NGOs. This section contains information on how to select,...

Resource date: 2017

This policy outlines the process for developing and approving the CPD.

Resource date: 2015

These policies outline how UNFPA responds to, functions within, and aims to meet its mandate in humanitarian settings.

Resource date: 2015

This policy outlines the programmatic and financial workplan-related and high-level monitoring and reporting processes which must be undertaken on all programmes supported by UNFPA.

Resource date: 2014

This policy outlines how workplans are developed, approved and implemented.

Resource date: 2013

The UNFPA strategic plan for 2014-2017 sets the strategic direction of UNFPA, as represented by the “bull’s eye”, and presents a set of organizational changes that support its attainment.

Resource date: 2012

The Policy and Procedures for Development and Approval of the Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) articulates its development and approval. The CPAP itself elaborates and refines the programme design, strategies and...

Resource date: 2010

Other Programme Policies include Policy for Country Programme Regular Resource Allocation and Regular Resource Distribution, Standard Operating Procedures for Countries Wishing to Adopt the "DaO" Approach,...