Humanitarian Programming

Resource date: 2015

UNFPA Fast Track Policies and Procedures  - August 2015

The UNFPA Fast Track Policies and Procedures are a set of procedures that offer UNFPA country offices in special situations greater delegation of authority and flexibility in specific programme and operational areas for a time-bound period. They represent a modification to the standard policies and procedures in the PPM and are designed to facilitate a rapid response to country demands.

Humanitarian Response Strategy "Second Generation"- January 2012

The Humanitarian Response Strategy “Second Generation” seeks to ensure UNFPA-wide accountability for effective humanitarian preparedness, response and recovery. It will build upon the first generation strategy by refining policies and processes that support humanitarian operations within the organization and by strengthening the advocacy, preparedness and response of the UNFPA's partners. 


  • UNFPA Fast Track Policies and Procedures


    Humanitarian Response Strategy "Second Generation"