This policy outlines the mandatory actions, roles and responsibilities, and risk mitigation controls for effective document management in UNFPA.

This policy covers eligibility and procedures for duty travel.

This policy provides information on the recording, use, security, control, maintenance, disposal, and theft of all UNFPA-owned and -controlled assets.

This policy covers hospitality events and internal UNFPA events at all UNFPA locations including headquarters and field offices.

The purpose of this policy is to equip UNFPA field offices with the information and tools necessary to establish, maintain, and operate office premises.

This policy sets out the main principles, rules and procedures regarding the management of office supplies and furniture.

This policy details information on the provision, management and coordination of headquarters real estate, building and administrative services.

This policy relates to the collection, distribution, sending, and receiving of mail including selection of an appropriate delivery method.

This policy contains information on the provision, use, control, insurance, maintenance, safety and protection, accidents, and theft of UNFPA owned and controlled vehicles.

This policy lays out the general principles of translation of official documents at UNFPA (i.e., working languages, types of documents to translate, etc.) and includes information on procurement of translation services...

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