UNFPA-Supported Youth Football Tournament Promotes Friendship and Empowerment

3 June 2019
Photo © UNFPA Bosnia and Herzegovina
Two girls competing in an indoor soccer match.
Some 260 young people took part in the "Be my friend" football tournament.

Sarajevo, 29 May 2019 - The BiH Special Olympics, in cooperation with the BiH Football Association, organized a football tournament during European Football Week. Some 260 youth, including refugee and migrant young persons, participated in the "Be my friend" tournament.   

The 2019 European Football Week in Sarajevo is devoted to refugees in European countries with the message that football spreads friendship and brings joy to young people.

UNFPA BiH supported this year's European Football Week to advance youth empowerment and youth activation with the goal to positively impact the lives of youth with and without intellectual disabilities and to create joint inclusive programming designed to highlight the important role that youth can play in shaping communities.

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