UNFPA congratulates Amref Health Africa and Population Council Nigeria on their successful bids to host new FP2030 regional hubs in Africa

16 May 2022

FP2030 – a partnership of dozens of international organizations dedicated to advancing the rights of people everywhere to access reproductive health services safely and on their own terms – is expanding from one headquarters in Washington, DC, to five regional hubs. These hubs will work together to make up the FP2030 Support Network: the largest community of practice of rights-based family planning advocates in the world. The hubs will support FP2030 commitment-makers, including UNFPA, who have pledged to take specific actions to increase use of voluntary, rights-based contraception worldwide.

The hosts of the two newly announced Africa FP2030 Regional Hubs are already partners of UNFPA and we look forward to working closely with them as they take on their new FP2030 roles. Population Council, Nigeria will host the North, West & Central Africa Hub in Abuja, Nigeria. Amref Health Africa will host the East & Southern Africa Hub in Nairobi, Kenya. UNFPA Regional Offices will work closely with the new FP2030 regional hubs, and will contribute UNFPA technical expertise, knowledge brokering and convening power to the partnership at regional level. UNFPA, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and others are key partners at country-level to introduce the commitment-making process as the partnership moves forward its new strategy and structure. Additional hubs are planned to serve FP2030 commitment-makers in Asia and the Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean. The fifth hub will support the entire network with communications, data, and advocacy, while also supporting commitment-makers in North America and Europe.

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