Sweden increases its donation for sexual and reproductive health and rights

3 March 2017
Ministers rally around UNFPA: (Left to right) Isabella Lövin, Minister for International Cooperation and Climate and Deputy Prime Minister, Sweden; Ulla TØrnæs, Minister for Development Cooperation, Denmark; Dr. Babatunde; Lilianne Ploumen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, The Netherlands and Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation, Belgium.

The Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate, Isabella Lövin, announced on 2 March 2017 an increase of SEK 200 million – equal to over $22 million – to support sexual and reproductive health and rights, an increase is its core contribution to UNFPA from SEK 515 million to SEK 545 million. Sweden is already the largest contributor to core resources in UNFPA, and one of the largest contributors globally to sexual and reproductive programmes.

Core funds allow for greater flexibility and longer-term strategic planning as they are not tied to a specific programme or intervention. This announcement signifies the second increase in financial support to UNFPA in 2017, raising the Swedish contribution this year so far to approximately $61 million.

Despite steep declines in maternal mortality over the past 20 years, one woman or girl still dies every other minute because of pregnancy related causes. The Swedish contribution to UNFPA will help the Fund to support programmes that ensure that more women and girls have access to the services and information they need.