Now Available! Evaluation of the UNFPA support to the HIV response (2016-2019)

27 July 2020
Photo credit: UNFPA Georgia, Youth celebrating World AIDS Day


The HIV epidemic is far from over with many countries experiencing sharp increases in new infections across the world. Today about 1.7 million people acquire HIV every year and 10 million people await treatment.

The UNFPA Evaluation Office undertook an evaluation to assess the performance of UNFPA in integrating its approach to supporting the response to HIV within the broader context of sexual and reproductive health and rights, population dynamics, gender equality and human rights.

The evaluation draws lessons from UNFPA HIV response over four years (2016-2019) highlighting, in particular, the necessity for UNFPA to develop a strategy detailing its role at global, regional and national levels and, aligning its responsibilities as a UNAIDS Cosponsor with UNFPA core mandate areas.

For more information, read the Evaluation Report and other materials here. For further information on the evaluation, please write to Marco Segone, and Louis Charpentier,    

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