UNFPA Response in Yemen Monthly Situation Report #9 – September 2019

Publication Date: September 2019
Author: UNFPA Yemen


During September, fighting sporadically escalated in different parts of the country leading to spikes in displacement and civilian casualties. Hotspots included areas in Al Dhale’e, Dhamar and Taizz Governorates in the South, and Hajjah in the northwest.

UNFPA's response in these areas include; support to thirteen health facilities with emergency obstetric care services in Hajjah, five health facilities in Al Dhale’e, 42 in Hudaydah and 114 in Taizz, with some 51,000 women receiving reproductive health services within these governorates.

Clashes in the south Yemen affected aid operations, restricting some operations for several days. Despite this, the UN, including UNFPA staff has remained in place, keeping operations on track. Since the beginning of the year, fighting has displaced more than 350,000 people, while 3.3 million people remain displaced.

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