Ten key facts and figures about 10-year-old girls

Publication Date: October 2016

This year's State of World Population report explores the conditions facing the 10-year-old girl. At age 10, a girl's life is about to take a pivotal turn, either towards expanding opportunities or narrowing ones.

As these girls enter adolescence, their potential will be nurtured, materially benefitting their families, communities and countries, or their potential will be limited, depriving the world of their talents and achievements. 

Below are 10 key facts about the world's 10-year-old girls. 

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Fifty years ago, it was hard for women to obtain contraception and relatively easy to die giving birth. Many women were unable to decide whom and when to marry, and when or whether to have children.


Across 51 countries, only 57 per cent of women who are married or in a relationship are able to make their own choices about sexual intercourse, contraception use and health care.
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The 1994 International Conference on Population and Development reached a consensus on the links between women’s empowerment, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and sustainable development.