Regional Situation Report for Syria Crisis #54 1-28 February 2017

Publication Date: February 2017
Author: UNFPA Regional Syria Response Hub


UNFPA Jordan continues providing life-saving services to Syrians stranded in the no-man’s land, “the berm” between the Jordanian and Syrian borders. UNFPA’s partner Relief International completed renovation of the second floor of Al Noor maternity hospital in Nasriyeh, Syria.

UNFPA support in the Syrian Arab Republic in February 2017, from all channels:

  • 198,307 reproductive health services delivered to Syrians
  • 17,446 deliveries supported, including 6,481 C-section deliveries
  • 27,644 family planning services
  • 9,734 gender-based violence response services provided to Syrians
  • 23,789 women accessed women safe spaces

UNFPA Support in neighbouring countries affected by the crisis in February 2017:

  • 31,188 reproductive health services delivered to Syrian refugees
  • 6,661 Syrians received family planning services and consultations
  • 2,417 clients received gender-based violence services
  • 10,801 Syrian refugees accessed women safe spaces and participated in activities in camps and host communities
  • 3,509 Syrian refugees reached with gender-based violence related messages
  • 8,108 dignity kits distributed

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