Regional Situation Report for Syria Crisis #36 - 1-31 August 2015

Author: UNFPA Regional Syria Response Hub


Syria's overall security situation remained tense due to the expanded military operations and mortar shelling in areas including Rural Damascus, Aleppo, Hasakah, Idleb, Homs, Lattakia and Deirez-Zor.

The volatile political and security situation triggered an increase in the number of conflict-affected people with limited access to life-saving reproductive health and gender-based violence services.

Continuous deterioration of the value of the Syrian pound has weakened the purchasing power of the Syrian people in addition to negatively impacting service providers. This, coupled with an increase in the prices of medicine and pharmaceutical supplies, has affected the ability of crisis-affected women to seek timely and quality reproductive health and gender-based violence related services including emergency obstetric care.