Regional Situation Report for Syria Crisis #29 - January 2015

Publication Date: January 2015
Author: UNFPA Regional Syria Response Hub


As the fierce violence in Syria continues to force families to flee the country, another crisis loomed during the first month of 2015, with a brutal stretch of winter weather. Syrian families living in informal tented settlements, abandoned buildings, garages and camps are still struggling amongst the desperate living conditions they have enduring for years now. Women and children contended with frigid nights and heavy snowfalls that in many areas collapsed flimsy tents, destroyed homes, blocked access to health care, safe water, food and hygiene.

Even as Syrian women survived the bitter cold and temperatures began to rise, they are still vulnerable to illnesses and violence, they will still love their families and wish the best for their children, while in many cases secrificing their own health, rights and basic needs. UNFPA along with other United Nations agencies and implementing partners is committed to working toward’s a solution to protect Syrian women and girls of reproductive age, and ensuring humanitarian aid for all those in need of assistance. UNFPA has been on the ground in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey during the harsh conditions, distributing urgently needed winter essentials and hygiene kits to Syrian displaced persons and refugees and maintaining its reproductive health and protection services, servicing more than four million women and girls of reproductive age and half a million pregnant women in Syria and neighboring countries.

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