International Technical and Programmatic Guidance on Out-of School Comprehensive Sexuality Education Brochure

An Evidence-Informed Approach for Non-Formal, Out-of-School Programmes

Publication Date: November 2020
Author: UNFPA


This brochure is an advocacy and communication product to promote the purpose and context for which its source publication International Technical and Programmatic Guidance on Out-of-School Comprehensive Sexuality Education is to be used. It aims to explain what the guidance is, who it is for and what the user can expect to find included in the tool.

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An evidence-informed approach for non-formal, out-of-school CSE programmes that aims to reach young people from left-behind populations.

UNFPA surveys show that teenagers in the country want to learn more about contraception.
“If I had known about safe sex in my teens, my life would never have turned out this way,” said 21-year-old Sithu* from Myanmar. He contracted HIV two years ago, despite being intimate only twice with his partner at the time.


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