Guidelines for Engaging Faith-based Organisations (FBO) as Agents of Change

Resource date: 2009

Author: UNFPA

Publisher: UNFPA


These Guidelines provide a critical framework for engagement with faith‐based organisations (FBOs). They are not a blue‐print. Like all similar guidelines, these are provided with the pragmatism that each UNFPA Country and Regional Office will consider them in light of the specific political, social, cultural and economic circumstances. The Guidelines are designed to provide a rationale for the engagement of and with, faith‐based organisations, the principles structuring such engagements, and the strategy for partnership. The elements of these guidelines are derived from UNFPA’s terms of partnership with other constituencies (i.e. parliamentarians and youth).  In addition, the guidelines are built on the lessons learned from prior Country Office engagement, gleaned from the mapping exercise undertaken from 2006‐2008; best practices from case studies compiled from 2002‐2008; as well as the recommendations and discussions carried out with FBOs themselves over the course of 2007‐2008.

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