COVID-19 Situation Report No. 4 for UNFPA West and Central Africa

2 June 2020

Publisher: UNFPA


Regional Highlights

  • After three months since the start of the pandemic, the West and Central Africa region has surpassed 50,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19. There have been  more  than  1,000  deaths,  a  mortality  rate  of 2.3  per  cent. Three  of  every  five  patients  are  still hospitalized."
  • The pandemic continues to spread with an average rate  of  1,250  new  cases  per  day  over  the  last  7 days.   Three   countries   have   surpassed   5,000 confirmed  cases:  Nigeria,  Ghana  and  Cameroon. The   next   highest   caseloads   include   Senegal, Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire and  Gabon."
  • UNFPA    Country     Offices     continue     strategic interventions,   in   collaboration   with   partners,   to support  government  response  to  the  COVID-19 pandemic across the region."
  • About  15,000  safe  deliveries  were  recorded  in UNFPA-supported facilities. These include 7,779 in Senegal, 3,647 in Benin, 2,588 in Togo and 818 in Sierra Leone."
  • Over 100,000 women and youth utilised integrated sexual  and  reproductive  health  (SRH)  services  in UNFPA-support facilities in the region."
  • About   2,260   contact-tracers   were   trained   and deployed with UNFPA support in Senegal (1,661), Liberia (447), Niger (92) and Cabo Verde (60)."
  • TV5Monde reported a story on how UNFPA Liberia ensured  a  smooth  recovery  and  safe  pregnancy and delivery of a COVID-19-positive nurse.

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