Synthesis Report: UNFPA Global Programme to Enhance RHCS

Mid-Term Review

No. of pages: 116

Publication Date: 2012

Author: Adrienne Chattoe-Brown, Olivier Weil and Meg Braddock, HSLP

Publisher: UNFPA

This review, which synthesizes 14 country case studies, finds that the UNFPA Global Programme to Enhance Reproductive Health Commodity Security (RHCS) has successfully set up country-level building blocks for improving access to essential supplies, including:

  • Coordination committees are in place in most countries and function reasonably well, particularly on operational issues.
  • RHCS is embedded in key national strategies such as the health sector strategies, poverty reduction strategies, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. In several countries supply security is also considered as part of gender mainstreaming strategies.
  • RHCS strategies are in place in most countries, and are being implemented.
  • With only three exceptions, countries have made no ad hoc requests for supplies during 2010.
  • Logistics management information systems (LMIS) are being developed everywhere.
  • Essential reproductive health commodities are included on essential medicines lists, with only a few commodities omitted in some countries.