Cover page of State of World Population 2016

State of World Population

State of World Population 2016

10: How our future depends on a girl at this decisive age

Number of pages: 116

Publication date: 20 Oct 2016

Author: UNFPA

She is 10 years old. Capable of rapidly absorbing wisdom and knowledge from those around her, she is poised to one day become an inspiring leader, a productive worker, an innovator, a caring parent or any of the other roles that power a thriving, dynamic society. She will shape the future of her community and our shared world. A flurry of life-changing events pulls her in many directions. Where she ends up depends on the support she receives and the power she has to shape her own future. The global cohort of 10-year-olds lives in a world that is very different from the one their parents grew up in, with unique challenges and opportunities.

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