Sexual and Reproductive Health of HIV Positive Women and Adolescent Girls

A Dialogue on Rights, Policies and Services

No. of pages: 33

Publication Date: 2006

Author: EngenderHealth, Harvard University, ICW, Ipas, UNFPA

This report summarizes discussion from two electronic forums on human rights dimensions of services and policies related to the sexual and reproductive health of HIV-positive women. The overarching issue was the high degree of stigma and discrimination experienced by HIV-positive women.

Resulting violations of their human rights were prominent themes throughout the duration of both discussions, and provided a backdrop to virtually all other topics discussed. Another major theme was the lack of the most basic services responsive to the needs of HIV-positive women. Women face significant barriers at the domestic, community, regional and national level in realizing their rights and sexual and reproductive health. Among those mentioned included: inaccessibility of health centres; lack of respect for female patients' rights and judgmental attitudes among health care workers.