Sexual and Reproductive Health For All

Reducing Poverty, Advancing Development and Protecting Human Rights

No. of pages: 80

Publication Date: 2010

Author: UNFPA

Publisher: UNFPA

ISBN: 978-0-89714-979-2

This publication answers these key questions: What is universal access to reproductive health? Why is it important? How far have we progressed? And where do we go from here?

The report recognizes the complexity of the task, which deals not only with the most personal of decisions and cultural norms, but also with the daunting realities of bringing any form of health care to all, even in some of the world’s poorest countries.

At the same time, the report maintains that ensuring sexual and reproductive health for all, in its broadest sense, is one of the surest and most effective ways to respect human rights, to promote sustainable and equitable development, and to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

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