Results-based management principles and standards

The 3+5 framework for self-assessment

Publication Date: 2019

Author: UNFPA

Publisher: UNFPA

ISBN: 978-1-61800-035-4

This publication provides a benchmarking framework, which positions learning and adaptation as the center of result-based management.


According to the publication, without keeping learning and adaptation as the center of results-based management, the world cannot accelerate action to achieve its 2030 goals, nor can UNFPA achieve its three transformative results. The 'Results-based management principles and standards: The 3+5 framework for self-assessment' introduces three core principles and five supporting principles of results-based management. Each principle is supported by a set of standards that can be used to evaluate the status in results-based management. The publication also introduce the ‘Jellyfish model of RBM principles’. The main audience for this tool includes UNFPA offices, UNFPA implementing partners as well as any development organizations around the world.

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