The Maternal and Newborn Health Thematic Fund Annual Report 2019

No. of pages: 66

Publication Date: September 2020

Author: UNFPA

The latest 2019 annual report of the Maternal and Newborn Health Thematic Fund (MHTF), which marks the first year of implementation of MHTF Phase III, highlights UNFPA's key strategies and achievements to end preventable maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity and accelerate the progress towards universal health coverage. The MHTF continued to build on its strength to offer a unique platform for delivering on the United Nations Secretary-General’s Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health (2016-2030), using an integrated, holistic, rights-based, person-centred, life course approach to the delivery of comprehensive sexual, reproductive, maternal and newborn health services. Using strategically designed, high-impact, catalytic programmes with multi-stakeholder engagement, and numerous global and national partners, the MHTF continued to roll out and operationalize the six pillars of UNFPA’s Global Midwifery Strategy (2018-2030); build, strengthen and monitor EmONC networks; strengthen MPDSR systems; and support the implementation of the 2018 Secretary-General’s resolution on intensification of efforts to end fistula within a decade (by 2030).  

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