Healthy Expectations

Celebrating Achievements of the Cairo Consensus and Highlighting the Urgency for Action

No. of pages: 32

Publication Date: 2009

Author: UNFPA, Population Reference Bureau

Publisher: UNFPA, Population Reference Bureau

ISBN: ISBN 978-0-89714-963-1

This booklet is issued in commemoration of the first 15 years of the 20-year Programme of Action adopted at the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo. Using charts and graphs, it maps out progress, highlights disparities and calls attention to areas where accelerated action is needed to meet the commitments made in 1994. It also examines the links between the many areas of action outlined in Programme of Action and some of the associated costs.

As the report documents, investment in providing universal modern contraception and maternal and newborn health services would result in large, measurable improvements in health and well-being and reduce poverty and inequity. Moreover, it would more than pay for itself in terms of lives and resources saved and productivity enhanced.