Calling for Stronger Action to Eliminate Violence Against Women

25 Nov 2011

Every day, women and girls face violence in the home, in communities, in conflicts, in aftermaths of natural disasters, and, all too often, simply as a result of norms and traditions.

No human development goals can be achieved as long as women and girls continue to suffer from violence or live in fear of it.

UNFPA’s dedication to end violence against women and girls is supported by our work in and advocacy for sexual and reproductive health, using population data and promoting gender equality.

In partnership with multiple stakeholders, we reach vulnerable and affected women and girls in communities and promote policies and laws that address all forms of violence against women and girls. Moreover, we reach out to boys and men so that they become advocates against gender-based violence and discrimination and advance the rights of girls and women.

We continue to believe that when women are healthy and educated, and can live free from violence and discrimination, they can participate fully in society and accelerate progress on all fronts.

UNFPA is committed to speak out for zero-tolerance towards violence against women and girls and promote their right to sexual and reproductive health. We pledge to continue working with governments, civil society, businesses and UN partners to build a world where everyone can live to their full potential.

On the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women, I join UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and other leaders, in calling for stronger action to end this major human rights violation, and I reiterate UNFPA’s full commitment to this joint mission.

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